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This is a bit of a multi-fandom blog right now. Things like All Time Low, Supernatural, things about Misha Collins, and shit. There's other stuff too, I promise.
Destiel is a common thing to pop up on this blog, because canon.
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How did you two meet? I love seeing you happy :)


well I mean technically we met in high school, but we weren’t friends. not even like, friends of friends. I was actually kind of close with his ex girlfriend (who I now hate because she hurt him a lot :((( ) but like, we knew of each other. He was in drama and did plays and stuff, and I was very shy so we were opposite ends of the school, really.

but we MET, I’d say, thanks to my love, Misha Collins. GISHWHES, (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) to be exact. He offered to help me with some stuff on my list, one of which required dressing in business suits and holding a water balloon fight (he looked so cute in his suit, ugh) and I also had to blow soup in his face with a leaf blower, so that’s when we first started hanging out. And like, we were out with friends, (another couple and his friend, so 5 of us) and he bought me dinner and tried to win a stuffed animal from the claw machine and he was just so like, cool. And like, I was over at his house after GISHWHES had ended and we were very flirty and we’d only known each other personally a week and we were like, kind of cuddling, watching a show on his laptop and he (I now know, on accident) kissed my forehead and then my brain was like ‘kISS HIM, KISS HIM NOW, IF HE HATES YOU JUST NEVER TALK TO HIM AGAIN, DO IT’ and so I did and we made out for like an hour and that’s how it started. Thanks to Misha, for hooking me up with my favorite human hahaha.

Also, thank you, I feel like I come off as so annoying, so I’m glad it isn’t too bad yet. You’re the best :***

how long have you been together? and what's the sex like for you? like, is he good??


officially we’ve been “boyfriend-and-girlfriend’ since the 22 of August, but that entire month he was taking me on dates and stuff, so I’d say (we are in agreement on this, we’ve talked about it) we’ve been together since like, the 6th of August. 22 is the “anniversary” or whatever, idk

but its literally the best. like. just really, really good sex. best I’ve ever had sex. like. I cannot, he’s just so good. for example, I spent about 6 hours with him today, and we had sex like, 3 times, and I finished like, 5 times. plus he went down on me, so add another to that hahaha. thats like an orgasm an hour, like. he’s very giving idk, he knows what i like idk I’m embarrassed he’s just kind of great in bed idk he’s great in general

questions about my boyfriend are always welcome guys i really love talking about him, whoops

got to see fella today after FOUR days away from him and we had the most romantic sex jfc it was heaven and then we watched dexter naked in his bed and ate carrots and doritos for like 4 hours and then had more sex and i get to see him again on thursday

am i living in a young adult novel or is my life just this good all the sudden

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So. Much. Sex.

Today was great.

Post a picture of you and the bae?


I’m going over to his today so maybe? We’ll see :*

oh no :( what about?


I dunno man it was a thing. It’s resolved now but I was just like ‘I’m bad at reading people and I’m so shy so I never take any chances’ or st like that and he was like ‘that’s a bad way to go about things’ and it turned into a whole thing about how i’m insecure, and i had to talk about feelings and stuff and i hate it, i’m really bad at talking about personal shit idk. I dunno, I just told him I feel like he’s out of my league for a whole bunch of reasons, because he is, and he was like oh, don’t even with that shit, I’m not out of your league it’s fucking ridiculous to think that or whatever but it turned into me fucking whining about how I fucking suck and how he’s better than me and he was mad bc he doesn’t really get why I think that but that’s cause he’s confident in himself and I’m not so I dunno man

we’re okay now, it was just a dumb thing idk


I don’t go thru ppls pictures on their phone cause I wasn’t raised in the jungle


i hate when ppl make fun of me for trying 2 be positive and spread good vibes like fuck your bitter ass i spent a good portion of my short life being bitter and angry and suicidal if i wanna shoot sunshine out of my ass then i fuckin will 

first fight with the fella and i hate it

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